Statement by Myanmar National Human Rights Commission Statement No ( 6 / 2019)

Being convinced that Genocide is contrary to the spirit and aims of the United Nations, Myanmar signed the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide about a year after it was approved by the United Nations General Assembly. It was learnt that while submitting to the Parliament, the then Minister concerned explained the position of Myanmar with regard to the prevention of genocide and the Parliament gave approval for the ratification. The statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs mentioned that Myanmar up to this point in time has been adhering steadfastly to the position it has taken since becoming a State Party to the Convention. In addition, it has been learnt that the Office of the President of the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar has formed a Special Unit on International Criminal Justice in order to strengthen internal capacity and expertise and to provide legal opinion to relevant Ministries on issues related to international criminal law.

Myanmar is the 58th Member among the 193 Member States of the United Nations. It has been learnt that the State Counsellor, in her capacity as Union Minister for Foreign Affairs, will lead the Myanmar delegation to the International Court of Justice, the principal judicial organ of the United Nations, holding on to the position that the Government will not cast aspersions on any nation, race, religion, or group, either directly or indirectly, in defending the nation at the ICJ.

Myanmar National Human Rights Commission fully supports this endeavour to fulfill its role as a responsible Member of the United Nations and wishes all the success.

Myanmar National Human Rights Commission

Date:  6 December 2019