The Statement of the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission (MNHRC) on the status of its handling of complaints

  1. The Myanmar National Human Rights Commission was reconstituted under Order No. 3/2020 dated 14 January 2020 of the Office of the President of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
  2. Since the commencement of its functions until February 2020, the Commission has received a total of 377 complaints and its inquiry team has examined 693 complaints, including the previous 316 complaints remaining to be addressed, at its 14 meetings and acted as follows:
  • Referring to relevant departments and organizations       69  cases
  • Advising the complainants on more appropriate remedies and other channels of complaint                            43  cases
  • Visits to scenes of violations    3 cases
  • Putting on record           207 cases
  • Number of remaining cases to be examined           371 cases
  1. 207 complaints that do not warrant action are those under trial before a court, those cases under appeal or revision on the decision of any court, cases that have been finally determined by any court, complaints that do not meet admissible criteria and those cases that have been resolved before by the Commission. Accordingly, those cases are systematically recorded.
  2. Regarding the complaints that had been referred to the relevant departments and organizations for necessary inquiry and action, 97 responses from respective departments and organizations have been received up to February 2020 as follows:
  • Response to complaint in 2017          1 response
  • Responses to complaints in 2018       4 responses
  • Responses to complaints in 2019       89 responses
  • Responses to complaints in 2020      3  responses


  1. To submit complaints or allegations on violations of human rights, a written complaint may be submitted in person or by registered mail and express mail to 27 Pyay Road, Hlaing Township, Yangon. Complaints may be submitted by fax or email to Fax No. 01-654678 and emails: and protection@mnhrc.
  2. The name of the complainant, copy of national registration card, contact address, how human rights were violated and clear and full explanation of the circumstances leading to the instance shall .be necessary together with the complaint signed by the complainant. If necessary, copies of documents relevant to the circumstances of the instance, photos, voice files, video files shall be attached in full with the complaint as evidence.


                                                            Myanmar National Human Rights Commission

Date: 30 March 2020