Joint capacity development plan with the Raoul Wallenberg Institute

The MNHRC has established a Joint Development Plan with the RWI for capacity building of the Commission and its staff members. Some of the activities in the Plan include training to improve knowledge within the MNHRC of international human rights standards and the roles and functions of NHRIs; creation of a Commission website; setting up of an electronic library; translation and printing of human rights instruments; to send a Commission staff for a Master degree in human rights law at the Lund University of Sweden. The Commission has translated the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) from English into Myanmar language and the translated text (English and Myanmar) has been published with the contribution of funds from the RWI. These translated texts have been extensively distributed to the Ministries, the Members of the Parliament, the State and Division Governments and, to schools through the Departments concerned of the Education Ministry. The distribution of these translations will be continued through various channels to raise awareness of the public of human rights contained in this historic declaration.