Activity No. ( 9/ 2016/ Protection) (SA A YA (903) Land Requisition

  1. Daw Nanng Lay plus 63 villager and U Khin Maung Han plus 71 villagers of Payaphyu village, Lon Khohe village Group, Hopong Township, Taunggyi District, Southern Shan State sent letters of complaint on10.3.2014 to the previous MNHRC and on 16.12.20124 to the present MNHRC that No (903) G.E regiment and Tatmadaw Computer and Technological Science School had requisitioned 800 acres of their farmland and request permission to cultivate the land.
  2. On 6-6-2014 the previous MNHRC conducted a hearing and on 31.7.2014 requested them to submit necessary supporting documents.
  3. After receiving the necessary supporting documents completely, a meeting was held on 9.2.2015 and the Ministry of Defence was informed on 13.2.2015.
  4. On 12.3.2015, a reply was received from the Ministry of Defence that the land involved was not included in the Tatmadaw Computer and Technology Science head quarter, but was included in 18360.48 acres of training ground land already authorized by the Ministry of Home Affairs. After retaining the minimum required land of 4242.5 acres, the remaining balance of 14117.98 acres will be returned.
  5. On 6-4-2015, the complainants were informed of the action taken by the Ministry of Defence.