Activity No. (4/ 2016/ Protection)

  1. On 8.3.2016 at Magyi Chaung Wa Village,Ye Township Captain Zaw Myo Htet of No.1(208) light Infantry Regiment fired a gun which killed villager U Chit Soe and U Moe.
  2. On 11.5.2016 the Commission conducted an inquiry on the incident and requested a response within 30 days from the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  3. On 13.5.2016 out of (3) complainants, U Jimmy, Director from Human Rights and Justice Organization met Commission members at MNHRC office and MNHRC received evidence from him.
  4. From 18.5.2016 to 19.5.2016 Members Dr. Nyan Zaw and Deputy Director U Thura Kyaw travelled to the scene of the incident and conducted an investigation.
  5. On 23.5.2016 it was learned that the case will be tried by a military court. The MNHRC informed the Ministry of Defence that under section 37 of the MNHRC law, the commission will no longer investigate the case and that it will be necessary to make a press release openly and transparenly on the action taken by the military court.
  6. On 26.5.2016 the Ministry of Defense sent a reply that on 19.5.2016, Captain Zaw Myo Htet and (3) soliders had been tried by a military court and the case file had been forwarded to the Coastal Military Command for confirmation of the sentence.
  7. A reminder was sent on 7.7.2016 to the Ministry of Defense with a request to reply on the progress of the case.