Activity No. ( 2/ 2016/ Protection) (Kaung Kha)

  1. Letters of request were sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs on 28.1.2015, 23.3.2015 and 15.5.2015 respectively to investigate, and uncover the truth and give a reply on the progress with regard to the death of (2) Kachin women teachers on 20.1.2015 at Kaung Kha Village, Muse Township.
  2. The Ministry of Home Affairs replied on 9.2.2015 and 17.4.2015 on the investigation carried out and progress made.
  3. With the permission of the previous President a letter was sent on 17.9.2015 to the Kachin Baptist Convention ( KBC) which is conducting an investigation of the case, requesting a reply on the progress. On 28.9.2015, a reply was received from the KBC that it will proceed to uncover the truth without hatred towards anyone.
  4. However, up to this day, no one has been able to uncover the truth: On 21.7.2016 a letter was sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs, with recommendations to make a news release on the progress of action taken, to file charges against the suspects and to conduct the trial openly and transparently in a civilian court.