Activity No. (10/ 2016/ Protection)

  1. The MNHRC received a complaint that on 10.3.2015 students who had carried out demonstrations at Letpadan township and detained at Tharawaddy Central Prison had been tortured. On receipt of the complaint, an investigation team from MNHRC travelled to Tharawaddy Central Prison from 13.7.2015 to 14.7.2015 and conducted an investigation. The findings of the investigation and recommendations were posted on the Commission’s website as news release No. (9/2015) on 20.7.2015 for public information.
  2. On 5.8.2015, a detailed report was sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs. On 31.8.2015, a reply was received from the Ministry of Home Affairs on action taken on the recommendations.
  3. In addition, on 27.7.2015, and 2015 August (6,7,11,12,13,14,19,21,22) the investigating team met with the persons who were involved in the incidents at Letpadan and questioned them. The findings and recommendations were posted on the Commission’s website on 11.9.2015 as news release No. (12/2015). No response was received regarding the news release.
  4. The Commission also submitted the following recommendations to the President of the Union of Myanmar.
  • To consider leniency for students who demonstrated for amendment of the National Education Law.
  • To allow them to participate freely in the General Election.

 On 27.10.2015, the Commission posted news release No. (15/2015)on its website.