Activity No. ( 1/ 2016/ Protection) (Mongyaw)

  1. According to a news report in the Myawaddy daily newspaper on 2.7.2016, it was learned that fighting occurred on 25.6.2016 near Mongyaw in Lashio Township in which the Tatmadaw (Army) captured 7 dead bodies.
  2. There were, however, discrepencies between the above news report and news from local and foreign news media. The MNHRC has sent a letter to the Ministry of Defense on this matter recommending that due to the news discrepencies, an open and transparent investigation should be conducted to uncover the truth.
  3. After sending the recommendation, on 28.7.2016, Lieutenant General Mya Htun Oo from the Chief of Staff (Army) office held a news briefing on the Mongyaw incident, attended by local and foreign news media. He also replied to questions by the reporters.